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Paintball, what exactly is the point?

     Paintball is a war game sport, in some ways it relates to hockey.
In the game of hockey there are two teams that defend their goal with
the help of the defensive actions of the teammate. Well, in the sport of
paint ball, there are also two teams that defend their goal. Their goal,
however, is a colored flag. Team 'A' is armed with a paint ball gun,this
gun shoots a .68 caliber, round ball of paint. This is done with the use of
CO2,(Carbon Dioxide). CO2 is a non-flammable gas that is used to propel
the marble sized,wax coated, ball of paint. During the coarse of the game,
part of your team seeks out members of the opposite team that are identified
by a colored arm band. The remaining members hide in the woods close
to their team flag. The idea is to stalk the member of the opposite team,
wait until you are within firing range, then take a shot! If you hit that
person and your team color is visible on his protective clothing, he is
done for that game.  Now there is one less person in the way to the goal
of capturing the flag of the opposite team.


     The guns vary in size, sophistication, quality, accuracy, and price.
There are three classes of guns.Pump style, semi-automatic, and fully
automatic. The definition ofa pump style gun is simple, once the gun is
loaded with your air source, you simply pullback on the sliding portion
of the barrel, and squeeze the trigger. That deploys the ball approximately
200' per second. The semi-automatic, such as the Spyder, is even simpler.
Again, connect your air source,pull back on the loading lever, and squeeze
the trigger,the difference is that the semi-automatic guns will upgrade you
from the inexpensive pump guns. This upgrade doesn't require the pump
action, just continual trigger squeezing.The fully automatics are better yet.
Again, connect your air source, pull back on the loading lever,and squeeze.
Be aware, the fully automatics will not require continual trigger action.The
design is to shoot as many rounds of paint as quick as possible.This is the
typical landscape that a team uses to play their game. As you can see, they
are armed with a variety of gun styles and all are wearing their protective
body armor and face protection, amust when participating in this sport.

                                  Playing fields

     Playing fields vary in terrain and in management. Some fields
have fixed stations and play areas for simple operation. Others rotate
stations or change play direction every three months. If a field lacks
vegetation, owners may use old tires, wood pallets and plywood to
create forts, bunkers and other places for players to hide. A good
field will provide a day of excitement, challenges and fun.


     Bunkers are man-made structures on or in the ground.
These are highly defendable positions used as stepping-stones
for advancing.

                                   Flag Station

      Each team starts at its own station.
One or more players stay near to protect the flag.


     Referees are on the field during  the  game. They check
players to  determine if they have been tagged. Refs can
and will remove players who  violate safety rules.

                              Tournament games

      Tournaments have  five-and ten-person team categories.
Ten-person teams play the basic capture-the-flag game.
Five-person teams play a variation known as center flag. 
Teams play against each other in sets, two games per set.
Points are given for flag capture, flag hang, number of
opponents tagged and for winning a set.

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