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One of our biggest categories, we cater to the needs of the RC
enthusiast.  It would be impossible to list all the thousands of RC
related products that we carry.Any manufacturer,any item, name
it and we can get for you. Complete kits, parts and accessories,
electronics, radios,everything! Hand tools, power tools, air 
brush, paints we have everything you need to build and  maintain
your speed machines. If you are having a  problem, have our
excellent Service and repair department take a look. Browse our
manufacturer links and let us give you a quote on your next
purchase.  "We are often less expensive than those dreaded
mail order companies and with our excellent customer
service we guarantee  your satisfaction!"

 "Give us a try."
Check out these popular links, find what you want,
Then come back here and let us give you a price quote.  

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Introduction "Drivers, Start Your Engines."

      The driver's fingers tingle as the grip on the radio is tightened, and
his heart pumps even faster. The driver has experienced Mike's hobbies &
Raceway R/C car race  in his mind many times, whether cornering the turns
in the street outside his house, or in the park, but now is the moment to
show that practice makes perfect. Radio Control Cars are one of the
hottest sports in America, with both kids and adults enjoying the
exhilaration of racing buggys, or covering the rugged terrain of
the backyard with their 4 Wheel Drive Hummer. Whatever your
desire,kit or ready to run, on road or off road,  gas or electric
there is a Radio Control Vehicle just for you.

     To get started in Radio Control Cars, the first decision you need
to make is whether you want a kit,or ready to run vehicle. Both versions have
benefits. The benefit  of the kit is that there is much to be learned about your
car that you will learn during building, and this knowledge will help when
making any necessary adjustments or repairs. Building time of a kit can
range from 3 hours to 10 hours.  Additionally, there are many more 
choices among the kits. 

     The benefit of a Ready To Run is that you can be
on the road in about an hour. Most new comers to the hobby start with an 
electric vehicle because they are quiet and less expensive, and utilize fewer
pit accessories. The electric vehicles are powered by a rechargeable battery
pack that will give performance  speeds between 20-30 miles per hour, and
give running time of 10 to 20 minutes.  A good battery charger, like the 
Hobbico Charger, will recharge a battery pack in 15 minutes, meaning 
that if you have 2 battery packs, there is minimal down time.

     Gas cars are powered by internal combustion engines that will 
give performance of speeds  35-45 mph. Gas engines tend to  require
more knowledge, thus are desired more by experienced hobbyists.

      Mike's hobbies & Raceway offers many special Combo
Packs which include all the products you'll need to get started:  Car, 
Radio, Battery Pack, and Charger.  Whether you want to race in the
streets, or do it in the dirt, Radio Control Cars offer a great selection.
Indy type cars, Hot Rods, 4 Wheel Drive Cars  and Trucks,
and Buggies,  are all available at

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