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Vermont's largest home racing supplier of complete sets,
cars and accessories for the HO and also 1/32 scale racing.
We won't be undersold, go to the below links, find what
you are looking for then get back in touch with us! Let 
us know what particular item you want.

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About Slot Cars

Slot car racing is the growing sport of racing miniature 
electric cars on an indoors racetrack.. This means you control
only  the speed of the car, and the  track controls the steering.
Divisions Slotcar racing is divided into 3 main scales, HO, or
1/87th scale, 1/32nd scale and 1/24th scale HO Scale The HO
scale is the  traditional, home set scale, where kids first get
their taste of slot cars, but like anything else, there are serious
"BIG" kids who race these as well. Commercial quality
racetracks are available, and racing classes so serious, that
the cars are almost completely hand made. With the aid of
magnets, the fastest classes of Ho cars go so fast they can
barely be seen, and requires nerves of steel to drive. This
scale of racing has the broadest range of racers skill and
"seriousness" as there are small children racing these types
of cars at home to traveling professionals  racing hand made
cars that can barely be seen when running on the track 1/32
Scale The 1/32 scale class is also a home set derived class, but
it's popularity is mostly in Europe, where space for
commercial raceways is limited. The high end racing cars are
scale versions of real cars, with thin plastic body shells, EDM
 cut steel chassis, soldered together with hinges and pivots,
and small samarium cobalt motors to power them.The scale
cars racers in 1/32 scale,run without the aid of any traction
additives, air control devices or magnets. Driving style for
these cars are much different from the HO's as you can see
these, and one can see the car  slide in the corners much
easier than in other types of slot cars. 1/24 Scale The 
1/24 scale  type of slot car, is mostly popular here in the
United States as a  Commercial raceway scale, and for many
years consisted of small winged vehicles, that run with high
current track power supplies and a traction additive,
refereed to as glue. Glue is a heavy bubble gum and oil or
very heavy oil mixture that makes the car stick to the track
when the tires run on it.

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